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dance like a knife fight

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+Livejournal/Photobucket are being crazy
+People I have never heard of/care about/know are harrassing me because they are bored with their pathetic lives
+I want a smaller friend list

For those reasons I moving to a new journal. or atleast until I can fix this one.

edit: I actually don't want to give my new name. You'll see me added on your "friend of" list.k. thanx.
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I absolutly hate thanksgiving. April did my hair last night. Tomorrow I go over Lauren's. Saturday I take Rachel out to dinner with April for her birthday. This day could not be going by any slower.

Paris in Flames [Tuesday♥]
[ mood | nervous ]

It's hard dating a gangster, let me tell ya...
I Saw Harry Potter Saturday. I liked it. I spent the night at Brandon's. Sunday we bummed around in our pajamas all day. We made chocolate covered strawberries/oranges and oreo milkshakes and watched "From Hell." I went home, but came back the very next day because yesterday was the Hawthorne Heights show. It was a really good show. Bayside was a bit depressing, but with good reason. Tomorrow April is coming over and we're dying my hair and I'm nervous, but excited. Thursday Brandon's going to come over for part of thanksgiving. Friday I'm sleeping over Lauren's. Saturday I'm going out to dinner. I've been so active.
B-RadCollapse )

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TIG OL' BITTIES ♥ [Saturday♥]
[ mood | awesome ]

Big update kids.
Tuesday I went to Columbia mall and met Lauren, Sean, Brandon, matt, Scott, and Devin there. I can't even describe how in love I am with Lauren Ward. She is so much fun and I'm always laughing until I'm about to piss myself. I'm hanging out with her next week during break I believe. I think I'm going to do my hair different as well.
Wednesday Brandon and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary! He brought me a gazillion roses and we had a candle lit dinner I made for him and watched a movie. haha I'm so corny. But part 2 of our anniversary takes place tomorrow. He's taking me out to dinner and taking me to see the new Harry Potter movie.
Thursday I drove over to Ashley's and I absolutly adore her. We always act ridiculous and think everything is funny. It's almost like we think of what the stupidest thing to do would be and then we do it. She's fun. I'm just so happy with this year.
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suicide notes and butterfly kisses ♥ [Monday♥]
[ mood | excited ]

show was last night at the ottobar. Fun and dramatic.
I found this vibrant power dark red hair dye in my mom's bathroom I'm thinking about dying the underneath of my hair that color since everyone and their mom has brown and blonde hair now. yay or nay?

Friday I just stayed home and slept because I was exhausted. Saturday I went to Brandon's show. All the bands were absolutely horrible except for parking lot nights. Then Brandon spent the night and we acted silly and had a good time. The next morning we went to church, baja fresh, and then the ottobar. My social life is at an all time high, but I get so drained I never go to school. I'm really happy that I'm making new friends and staying in tact with the old ones. The only people that don't like me are people I don't care about. Tomorrow I think I'm meeting people at the mall. Wednesday Brandon's coming over. Thursday or Friday I could be seeing Ashley after school. Saturday Brandon and I are celebrating our 2 year anniversary. Oh how exilerating!!!!Collapse )

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October skies and City Lights [Monday♥]
[ mood | rejected ]

I have come to the realization that I am actually going to make a dent in the world. I am going to be something. On another note, I never posted pictures from homecoming so I have a couple. Also, this past weekend I competed. I wasn't too happy with my results, but I did win best in swimsuit so that wasn't too bad haha. Brandon has to be the single most amazing person ever. I know a lot of girls say that about their boyfriends, but Brandon is different. Our 2 year anniversary is coming up and he's taking me to dinner and a movie [my choice]. Together him and I don't have a lot of money between the two of us, but we manage to have fun by wrestling, eating, watching T.V., and cuddling. Yesterday he told me he was proud to be my boyfriend and today he told me he could see himself spending the rest of his life with me. We aren't a fling. We aren't rich. And We aren't perfect. But were right for eachother. O yes, and I saw The Bled, Underoath, and Thrice ThursdayDrop down & get yo eagle on grrlCollapse )

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when i say shotgun you say wedding [Sunday♥]
[ mood | surprised ]


Homecoming was a blast. Mariel came over and we got ready together. She did my hair and I did her make-up. I always have fun dancing with Brandon and it was 10x more fun being able to hang out with my girlies at the same time. I have to wait to get my pictures developed though. Today was really fun. I went out to brunch with Brandon's family. Went to Brandon's band practice and had a laugh attack. Then I went to his sister's play and we all hung out afterward. Today was just awesome, Brandon and I were all silly.
" I s*** in my pajamas, P-A-J-A-M-A-S. I heard you were taking a s*** and you didn't think that I would hear it."

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A star up in the sky A poem to the dead ♥ [Thursday♥]
[ mood | embarrassed ]


Last night I went to go see Fall Of Troy and Fear Before The March Of Flames. I was extremely tired and running on no sleep with a ton of homework I didn't do. Natalie was nice enough to drive Brandon, Sean, Christian, and I. My favorite part was spending the night at Brandon's, but then I had to get up at six this morning and drive home, change, and then go to school. I get my hair done again Tuesday because it still kind of looks two-toned. Homecoming is Saturday and Rachel's and my modeling debut is next weekend ♥ haha. The few friends I have are good ones. I'm happy about that, it's good to weed out the bad ones.BOMBASTICCollapse )
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are we really happy with who we are right now? [Sunday♥]
[ mood | cold ]

Tonight was a lot of fun. April and I went to that barn show and it was actually a lot better than I expected. I kind of admire Westminster/Carroll County for being able to pull shows together anywhere even if it is a barn and still have people come for the music. I think a lot of other countys are just more based around going to shows that are at specific venues [that's a general statement]. It was a halloween show so everyone got to dress up and it was fun hanging out with people and making new friends. April's car and my poor honda civic got stuck in the mud so we had to get help to fish them out. Then April and I went and got Slurpee's with pop rocks. We then found ourselves at Rachel's house and I ended up staying there until 1 this morning. Rachel will have pictures from that tomorrow. showCollapse )

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♥♥♥ [Sunday♥]
[ mood | silly ]

HEY LOOK I MADE POLAROIDS! For the past couple weeks I've been hanging out with Rachel non-stop. Today we went to a seminar in B-more, but the roads were jammed because of a marathon so we were stuck in traffic for an hour. I haven't gone tanning in two months and I started going again so it feels good haha. I get my hair all blonde on the 25th♥
My mom and I went shopping and I bought a black panty hose thing to wear with my skirts as a fashion statement. Brandon, I'm not giving that orange shirt back, i like it too much. Speaking of Brandon, I saw him last night and we had a good time. the end. pictures?Collapse )

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